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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hollywood Dolls Best In Show 2011

It's Show Time:  It's time to support the arts, and the art of the doll.  Almost 200 one of a kind works of art were created by the Hollywood Doll Artists, and they are all ready for your vote.  That's right, you are cordially invited to the Hollywood Doll Oscars, and you get to pick your favorite stars. 

The first Hollywood Doll, and the one that sets the bar for the quality of one of a kind celebrity portrait dolls is "Debora Kerr: A Life Tribute" by Noel Cruz. 

The winner of the first Hollywood Dolls Best In Show was Laurie Everton's "Cher: The 80s."  Repaints by IsaBelle's "Brandon Lee:  The Crow" tied with Leslie Wagner (Sands Of Fire) "Sandra Bullock."   Last year, Eneida Rosa's "Betty Page:  Angel Of Sin" was Best In Show, with Laurie Everton's "Cher:  Half Breed" as runner up.  These are magnificent works of art, and all are one of a kind tributes in honor of  Hollywood and the artists'  favorite celebrities.  

One of a kind Hollywood Dolls dolls range from 1:12 miniature sculpts, to Barbie, Gene, and Tonner - sized repaints with or without additional sculpting, to full life size mannequins, such as created by the talented David of Dash N Dazzle. 

This is the 3rd Year Anniversary of Hollywood Dolls Best In Show, and appreciation for their existance is growing.   Below is a YouTube preview of the best Hollywood Dolls of 2010.  

Support The Arts -- Vote For Your Favorite Hollywood Dolls.
You are welcome to cast your vote or leave a comment without obligation (No fees, no sign in, etc.).  If you would like to go to the polls, visit Hollywood Dolls Best In Show.  

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