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Friday, February 19, 2010

What's News . . .

Today's news includes what is on top, and what's on top are the doll finds.

VikisFinds OOAKs Top Ten Dolls showcase Master Members and links to their art. This list was created for VikisFinds Group on Yahoo.   Vikis Finds Of The Day promotes fellow members works of doll art, provides links to  doll boards, auctions, blogs, and  artists creationsto help promote the art of group members on the world wide web. The VikisFinds OOAKs page is full of wonderful information for both artists and collectors alike.  If you are looking for a fellow member but do not see them at VikisFinds, you may find them on one of my other doll pages.  VikisFinds members skills and talent range in so many different ways that additional web pages were built and designed to showcase artists specializing in a specific field of doll art. Below are a few examples of where you will find them. 

The 2010 Hollywood Doll Academy Awards -- BEST IN SHOW is ready for participation.    If you think last year's Hollywood Dolls were something to see, the artists have only gotten better at their craft, and this year's creations are stunners.  Please support the arts. Vote for your favorite Hollywood Doll.

OOAK Barbie -- Barbie Artists create wonderful works of art with their Mattel canvas of choice. This web site showcases the Best Ten, and includes featured products from artiststs who create dioramas, barbie furniture, sets, clothing, and more.

Kelly's Corner - Barbie's littlest sister links to the finest collectors and ooak artists of the little one. Kelly's Corner - Barbie's littlest sister links to the finest collectors and ooak artists of the little one.

The Fairy Bowl - This page features doll artists from all over the world who create works of fantasy art so real that you will believe in fairies. The artists here truly create magic. 

The  has been up for awhile, and is long overdue for an update. Since the site was opened, my interenet learning curve has included my composing more than one hundred web pages with more than one third devoted to dolls, doll artists, and the arts. Currently there are several more in the works with two close to completion. If you have a suggestion, or would like to submit a story, review, or editorial you would like to share, you are welcome to submit your copy or link, and it will be included. Everything about the Doll Street Journal is devoted to the arts, and the art of the doll.

Doll Street Market Beat: For the past few weeks I've been reading a book titled, "Linchpin." The book was written by well known author, Seth Godin. "Linchpin"  was written by an artist for artists. I highly recommend this book for anyone who seeks information from one who has a profound perspective of the market today. Here is the link to "Linchpin."

Until the next update -- Thank you for taking the time to stop by.

The above doll pages are updated so often that they are considered my 'squidoo blogs.' All top ten list doll pages are updated very regularly.

My next blog will include information about The Fashion Plate, The Rock Star Doll Of Fame, TV Dolls, Political Dolls, Altered Barbie, and The Doll Mall.

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